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There are several reasons to use the rent to own payment model to acquire the products you want. When you combine those reasons with the special offers we provide at Showplace Rent to Own, shopping with us becomes a no-brainer.

What Makes Showplace a Special Place to Shop?

Brand New Products Arriving Weekly

Most items available new, or save big on Showplace Certified selections!

Bigger Selection of Better Brands

Shop and compare. At Showplace, you'll see a wider selection of the things you want most from the names you know and trust!

Same As Cash & Early Buyout Options

Showplace VIP Club gives you 120 days to save - make regular payments and as much extra as you want to pay it off in four months! Or use your Early Buyout option to save after your Same as Cash option!

No Penalty For Return

Rent it while you need it; return it when you're done. We'll also give you big credit if you choose to reinstate a returned item!

Flexible Payment Options

Set up payments the way you get paid - weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Save 13-17% when paying monthly!

Automatic Approval Up To $3,000

Whether choosing merchandise from our stores or website, no credit check means fast processing of your order!

Fast, Free Delivery

We'll do our best to get it to you the same day as your order!

No Credit Needed - No Interest Charged

And we tell you up front the total of payments and how much you can save by exercising Same as Cash or Early Buyout options!

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